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Saturday, June 7 - The Géant heads home to the Tourmalet

Help take the Geant du Tourmalet home for the summer at this unique local event on June 7. • Jun 03, 2014

Cycling in Morzine in May

In this guest blog, Ali Gibb reports from Morzine, where she's been out christening the cols in May. • May 27, 2014

Climbing the Galibier, Alpe d'Huez and other cols in September and October

Reader Q&A: Andrew emailed to ask whether it was possible to climb the higher cols of the Alps well into September and October. • May 19, 2014

Watching the Tour de France in the Pyrenees

Reader Q&A: Derek has emailed to ask about watching the Tour de France in the mountains of the Pyrenees. Here's our email Q&A. • May 19, 2014

Urban downhill riding - crazy helmet footage

More from the 'thanks but no thanks but WOW' folder ... The winning ride in the 2013 Valparaiso Cerro Abajo urban downhill event. • May 15, 2014

Our baguette came in one of these yesterday

A little something that made me smile after I bought our bread and cheese ... • May 09, 2014

Cycling in France in the New Zealand Herald

I was super excited recently to be asked to write an introduction to cycling in France for the New Zealand Herald's travel section – you can read the article here. • May 03, 2014

Girl loves boy, boy loves bike - watch what happens next

This quirky little film about a girl who loves a boy who loves a bike will make you smile all day. • Apr 19, 2014

Free books! Cycling guidebooks covering ALL of France to give away

Here's how to win a pack of books containing the London to Paris Avenue Verte guide, Cycling Southern France and Cycling Northern France guidebooks. • Apr 03, 2014

Cycling tours in the French Alps

Reader Q&A: Pat wrote in from Australia to ask about cycling tours in the French Alps that are suited to cyclists wanting to ride at a leisurely pace. • Mar 30, 2014

Hiring bikes and a dog trailer in Corsica

Reader Q&A: Millie wrote in to ask about hiring bikes and a dog trailer in Corsica. • Mar 25, 2014

Road bike hire in the Pyrenees

Reader Q&A: Eirik emailed from Norway to ask about high spec road bike hire in the Pyrenees. Here's our Q&A. • Mar 25, 2014

Bike hire in Calais

Reader Q&A: Laila wrote to ask about hiring bikes in Calais. • Mar 24, 2014

Tour de France photography workshops

Fancy combining a trip to the Tour de France with a workshop to improve your digital photography skills? Then this one's for you. • Mar 22, 2014

Welcoming the sun with a few bike tweaks and a wash

A quick photo blog: Here's how we welcomed spring last weekend. • Mar 16, 2014

French government plan to encourage more cycling and walking

The French government has released details of a new transport plan to get more people cycling and walking. • Mar 13, 2014

A family cycling holiday in Corsica

Reader Q&A: Susanne wrote from Denmark to ask about a family biking holiday in Corsica. • Mar 10, 2014

Bike hire for the Paris-Roubaix Challenge

Reader Q&A: Mark wrote in from Australia to ask about bike hire for the Paris-Roubaix Challenge. • Mar 10, 2014

UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in Meribel

The final round of the 2014 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Finals will be held in Méribel, August 23-24. • Mar 04, 2014

Canal du Midi Bike Rental

Reader Q&A: Andy wrote in to ask about bike hire on the Canal du Midi. Should he bring his own bike or hire one? • Mar 03, 2014

Bike hire in the Dordogne

Reader Q&A: Steve emailed to ask about bike rental in the Dordogne for a week-long cycling holiday. • Mar 02, 2014

Bike hire in Morzine

News: High-spec road bike hire is now available from Tri4theAlps in Morzine. • Feb 24, 2014

Wild camping in the Pyrenees during the Tour de France

Reader Q&A: Derek emailed to ask about wild camping in the Pyrenees during the Tour de France. • Feb 24, 2014

Bike hire in Paris

Reader Q&A: Claire wants to hire bikes in Paris for a campervan-based cycling holiday to the Loire, Burgundy and Champagne. • Feb 20, 2014

Route advice for cycling through France

Reader Q&A: Hugh wrote to ask about cycling routes from Avignon to northern France. • Feb 20, 2014

Reader tips: Steve's fly-drive cycling holiday in France

Steve emailed from Australia with this overview of how he sorted the logistics of his long haul fly-drive cycling holiday in France. • Feb 20, 2014

Map for cycle camping in France

Reader Q&A: Ian emailed to ask whether there was a map covering all campsites in France. • Feb 13, 2014

Bike Routes in Bordeaux for a Family Cycling Holiday

Reader Q&A: Clark wrote to ask about routes for a family cycling holiday in Bordeaux. Here's our email exchange. • Feb 02, 2014

Pro-Women to Race in Paris on Last Day of 2014 Tour de France

La Course by Le Tour de France pro women's ride to precede the men's peloton in Paris • Feb 02, 2014

Following the 2014 Tour de France

Reader Q&A: Susan wrote to ask for advice about following the 2014 Tour de France. Here's our email conversation. • Feb 02, 2014

Cycling accommodation in Arras and Dieppe-Arras bike routes

Reader Q&A: Andy wants to know about accommodation in Arras for the Main Square Festival, plus he asked for Dieppe-Arras bike route suggestions. • Jan 23, 2014

The France Show (ticket giveaway and reader discount) – London, January 17-19

The France Show in London from January 17 to 19 includes a talk by Adam Ruck, author of a book about cycling in France. • Jan 13, 2014

Bike hire in Montpellier

Chris posted a query on the site asking where he could find bicycle rental in Montpellier. • Jan 12, 2014

Discounted cycling clothes and accessories

Discounted cycling clothes and accessories - finding a bargain online. • Jan 06, 2014

Brompton Bicycles Event, London - January 16

A to B magazine editor David Henshaw gives a special London talk on the evolution of the Brompton Bicycle • Jan 06, 2014

Cycling the Tourmalet in September

Jon emailed to ask about cycling the Tourmalet in September. Plus he's after Tourmalet accommodation and route advice. • Dec 06, 2013

Bike in Montauban for cycling the Canal de Garonne

Reader Q&A: Kelly wants to rent a bike near Montauban so she can ride the Canal de Garonne for a day • Nov 27, 2013

League of American Bicyclists interview: American Bicycling Culture

The development of American bicycling culture – an interview with Andy Clarke, President of the League of American Bicyclists. • Nov 27, 2013

ECF interview: European Cycling Culture

The development of European cycling culture – an interview with Kevin Mayne, the European Cyclists' Federation's Director of Development. • Nov 27, 2013

Cyclist deaths in London and safe cycling in Paris

Radio LBC interview with Mark Cramer about safe cycling in Paris following spate of cyclist deaths in London • Nov 21, 2013

Freewheeling France on the Guardian

I got that warm and fuzzy feeling this week when Freewheeling France was featured in the Guardian travel section. • Nov 03, 2013

Cycling in Groningen

Groningen in The Netherlands and some lessons for cities around the word on how to become cycle-friendly. • Oct 16, 2013

A little bicycle humour from New York City

Just posting a little bicycle humour to make you all smile... • Oct 14, 2013

Cycling from Caen to Avignon

Reader Q&A: Will emailed to ask about cycling in northern France and about routes from Caen to Avignon. • Oct 14, 2013

Reader tips: Cycling the Canal du Midi and Canal de Garonne

David from the US emailed us these tips from his recent trip cycling the Canal de Garonne and the Canal du Midi. • Oct 10, 2013

Bike hire and cycling accommodation in the French Alps

Reader Q&A: Kevin emailed to ask about cycling accommodation and bike rental for a trip to take on the Galibier, Alpe d'Huez and the Madeleine. • Oct 07, 2013

Suggestions for a weekend cycling in the Loire Valley

Jarman emailed to ask about route suggestions, bike hire and accommodation for cycling in the Loire Valley. • Oct 01, 2013

Electric bike hire in Burgundy

Reader Q&A: Megan emailed to ask about electric bike hire in Burgundy. • Sep 29, 2013

A cycling weekend at Lacanau Ocean

A ride report from our weekend cycling holiday at Lacanau Beach on the Atlantic Coast of France. • Sep 17, 2013

Insurance for an open-ended cycling holiday in France

Reader Q&A: One woman's quest to find insurance cover for her and her bike for their cycling holiday in France • Sep 16, 2013

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