Reader Q&A: Watching the Tour de France in Cambrai, Arras or Amiens

Published by Lyn on 19 May 2015

Pip wrote to ask about watching stages 4 and 5 of the 2015 Tour de France. Here's our email exchange.

Watching the Tour de France

Here they come! Photo: Rhodeson

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Your site is very informative!

Curious if you can recommend an itinerary to see the Cambrai-Arras-Ameins legs of the 2015 Tour.

We were thinking heading to Cambrai on Monday, July 6th and need to be back in Paris on either Wednesday or Thursday as we will be taking a train to La Rochelle.

So I would love to know the where to stay – do they publish a more detailed route so we would know where to spectate from?, would recommend a car or could we take a train to central location and bike the area, etc?

Anyway any/all suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance!

I wrote back:

Hi Pip

I've added a page here for Stage 5 Arras to Amiens as there is some good local info now available.

Either anywhere around Cambrai or Arras would make good bases as you'd be able to easily reach both stages on the Tuesday and Wednesday if you can put Paris off until the Thursday (or even the Wednesday night) as the route from Arras heads south and passes not far from where it ends in Cambrai.

I have a few accommodation options on Arras on this page (not sure if they still have availability though, so be super quick). I haven't had a chance to look at Cambrai accommodation yet.

The car v bike thing is completely up to you. A car gives you the flexibility of being able to drive further but a bike will avoid the road blocks and give you access to the route for longer (and avoid the hassle of parking).

Arras to Cambrai is only around 40km (even shorter as the route heads south from Arras).

If you need bike hire you need to book this very soon as it will be hard to find any closer to the dates.
See here for Picardy bike hire.
And here for Pas de Calais.

If you are going in and out of Paris it may be worth checking hire form there as well and taking the bikes on the train.
See here for Paris bike hire.

Bikes/train info is here.

For other TdF info, see here.

I hope that helps.

PS I usually post reader questions on the blog as reader Q&As in case they can help others (and to save me answering the same questions twice). I hope this is OK. I never include full names or any contact info.

Our full Tour de France section is here (including other stage overviews).

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