Freewheeling France does Ventoux (and you can come too)

Published by Lyn on 10 November 2017

'Anyone can climb Ventoux.' These words may come back to haunt me. 

Mont Ventoux 

How to join me for our Ventoux Social Rides Weekend

Until this past year, I'd never climbed more than 150 metres on a single ride. Then I started doing a bit more climbing on local rides (mostly because I'd decided on the spur of the moment to spend a weekend in the Pyrenees and I didn't want to make a complete idiot of myself).

That's how I came to make it up Superbagneres.

Very, very slowly. Somehow.

Then in October I went cycling in Provence. And there was Ventoux. Lurking in the distance. Sitting on the horizon. Like a king perched on his own mountain-top castle, visible from every direction over vineyards and through gorges.

I didn't have time on that trip to give it a go. (Which was a secret relief given I wasn't fit enough anyway).

But I did say I'd go back.

Not long after, I had a conversation with Gerry and John at 44-5 Cycling Tours. I'm not sure which of them said it, so I'll blame them both. Someone, one of them, said something like: "Anyone can climb Ventoux."

I took this to mean: 'Almost anyone' but let's not split hairs.

And so I'm doing it the weekend of May 24-27, 2018. Gerry and John will be providing support. Why don't you come too?


How to join our Ventoux Social Rides Weekend 

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