Awww, shucks ...

Published by Lyn on 29 November 2016

Every now and then I turn on my laptop and get a spine-tingling message like this ...

cycling postcard

Hi Lyn,

I was telling my wife about your fantastic website last week, and she said I should let you know how much your emails quicken my pulse!

When I see a FF email land in my inbox my day immediately improves, with the guilty certainty that work will be put aside briefly to indulge in some cycling fantasy.

Your site is a sunny inspiration: aside from hours of dreaming of promised pleasures on two wheels, your site has directly inspired 3 magical family cycling trips - the Avenue Verte in 2014, the Vennbahn in 2015, the Swiss Jura this year - and next year we have Le Petit Tour de Manche on our agenda.

Your love of cycling in France shines through your site - thank you for everything you pour into it. If I'm anything to go by, your labours bring much happiness and colour to the cycling world.

Keep on pedalling.

Now I can tell you that this email has made my day.

A big thanks to everyone out there who enjoys and supports the site. That makes it all worthwhile. 

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