Reader Q&A: Bike hire for Disneyland Paris

Published by Lyn on 10 April 2015

Amna wrote to ask about bike hire for a stay east of Paris, near Disneyland. Here's our email exchange.

Disneyland Paris

My kids call this 'Mickey and Minnie's house'. Amna will be staying just 6km south-east of Disneyland Paris and is asking about local bike hire. Photo: Dean Thorpe

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Hi Lyn,

I will be staying at Marriott's Village d'Ile-de-France in Bailly-Romainvilliers (south-east of Disneyland Paris). Do you deliver the bikes to my location?

I am interested in renting a bike with a chair for 1.5-year-old baby – can you provide it?

Looking for your response


I wrote back:

Hi Amna

My website is a free information service for cyclists – I don't actually offer bike hire myself.
Apologies for the delay, I've been waiting to hear back from Village d'Ile de France about onsite bike hire.

I have now heard back from them and they say they have bike hire available at the resort but they don't have child seats.

Adults' and children's bikes both costs €15 per bike for 24 hours, or you can pay €60 for 5 days or €75 for a week.

For a child's seat, you will need to go to Fontainebleau or into Paris itself.

In Fontainebleau (where there is a a beautiful castle and 20,000 hectares of forests that are great for riding), there is a bike hire outlet called A La Petit Reine. They have child seats from around €20 a day. Their email is is
For other Paris / Fontainebleau bike hire options, see our Paris bike hire page.
I hope that helps.



Amna wrote back:

Hi Lyn,

I'm so happy for your reply – really helped me a lot. I'm really glad that I wrote to you, and will go with your advice.


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