Reader Q&A: Bike hire in Calais

Published by Lyn on 24 March 2014

Laila wrote to ask about hiring bikes in Calais. Here's our email Q&A.

Bike hire in Calais by fourthandfifteen

The Vél'in public bike share in Calais. Photo: fourthandfifteen

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We are a group of 10 young people coming to Calais the weekend of Apriil 19. We would like to reserve bikes for Saturday, April 19 from around 11am and return them in the evening.

Is that possible? And how much would it costs?

Thank you in advance,

Lyn writes:

Hello Laila,

Thanks for your email.

I suggest you get in touch with the guys at Opale Vélo Services in Calais, as it's possible to arrange bike hire through them. They'll be able to advise costs and bike availability etc.

Calais also has a bike share programme called Vél'in – depending on the type of bikes you want to hire, that might be another option. The first half hour is free, with the second half hour €1 and every hour after that charged at €2.

For bike-friendly accommodation, zoom into our map below.

If I can help any further, please get back in touch.


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