Car-free Sundays on the Champs-Elysées

Published by Lyn on 16 February 2016

Paris is following in the cycle tracks of Bordeaux and other French cities by introducing car-free Sundays.

Cycling in Paris

Do this (but without the cars) on the first Sunday of every month from May 1, 2016. Photo: Steve Jurvetson

Now we can all pretend to be Tour de France stars with car-free days allowing us to ride down the Champs-Elysées without having to worry about getting squashed.

The French capital is introducing car-free Sundays along the world's most famous street from May 1, 2016 – they will take place on the first Sunday of every month.

Other French cities, including Bordeaux, already have car-free Sundays and they are popular – returning the streets to pedestrians, cyclists and roller-bladers.

The Paris initiative is part of the city's push to become even more cycle-friendly (here's what started it).

Paris last year announced other initiatives to boost cycling, including allowing riders to pass through some intersections on red lights.

Millions of euro are being spent on other ideas (see here) to cut congestion and make the city better for pedestrians and cyclists.

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