Reader Q&A: Accommodation in Arras & Dieppe-Arras bike routes

Published by Lyn on 23 January 2014

Andy left a note on our Contact Us page asking about accommodation for cyclists in Arras and also for a good Dieppe-Arras bike route. I thought I'd blog it here as a Reader Q&A in case anyone else is headed that way.

Andy is off on his bike to the Main Square Festival in Arras, riding from the UK via Dieppe. Photo: Kmeron

Andy is off on his bike to the Main Square Festival in Arras, riding from the UK via Dieppe. Photo: Kmeron


I've been reading your website with relish recently, as I prepare a cycle trip to the Main Stage festival, Arras in July this year (2014).

I was wondering if you had any tips for cyclist friendly accommodation in Dieppe, and Arras? Hostels would be perfect as I'm travelling alone and would like to meet other cyclists, but Hotels/Gites are great.

Any suggestions for dedicated routes from Dieppe to Arras too? (links to route map websites/blogs/books etc) routes I can find either head south to Paris or go along the coast into Brittany.

Thanks for your help, and producing a really good website too!


Lyn writes:

Hi Andy

A number of readers have recommended the Hotel Ibis at Dieppe. I actually emailed them recently to check their bike facilities but I haven't heard back. (I always verify recommendations before adding them to my Where to Stay section). However at least three or four different riders have recommended them to me, so they should be a relatively safe option. (I'll chase them up again and add them to the site as soon as I have verification from them that they have bike storage etc.)

UPDATE Jan 26: the Hotel Ibis at Dieppe has confirmed they do indeed have a room set aside for bike parking in the hotel. I'll add them to our Where to Stay section.

I had Arras on my 'to-do' list for accommodation, so prompted by your note, I've made contact with two hotels that were on to my radar and confirmed that they meet our bike-friendly criteria. I've just added them to the Where to stay section here. They are Hôtel de l'Univers and La Corne d'Or. (I'm not sure how busy they will be that weekend with the festival on, etc – you may have more luck with the Hotel de l'Universe as it's much larger than La Corne d'Or).

As for a route, you could roughly look to emulate this well-publicised Help for Heroes charity ride route. (I can't find an actual route map but I have emailed one of the organisers to ask - will post if/when I hear back).

If you're interested in cycling around the Somme while you're there, see this article.

Hope that helps - please let me know if I can help further and would LOVE to hear about your ride when you're finished.

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