Interview: Geography of Youth

The Geography of Youth project is cycling the world to take pictures of people in their 20s. We caught up the its photographers, Morrigan and Alan, as they cycled through France. 

Morrigan takes in the scenery in Italy.

Morrigan takes in the scenery in Italy. 

The Geography of Youth project uses photography to document what life is like for twentysomethings around the world. Morrigan and Alan, who together form the Restless Collective, left the US in July 2011 on their 30,000-mile journey. You can see their photographs and videos, plus listen to audio and read their writing on their website as they pass through over 50 countries. They were in France in early June 2012. 

Can you introduce yourselves to the Freewheeling France community?  

We're Morrigan and Alan and we're cycling around the world to document what life is like for twenty-somethings all over the planet. We began in Fairbanks, Alaska and we've made it all the way to France! You can check out the project at

Can you tell us about the French leg of your journey?

Morrigan tore her meniscus, and so has been resting for a few weeks while Alan has continued to cycle through Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and France. He followed the EuroVelo 6 from Switzerland to Orléans, and then headed up to Paris to meet Morrigan. We're now headed towards Dieppe to catch a ferry to the UK. 

What have been some of the highlights of the French leg so far?

The food! We usually ride early in the morning, and Alan loved that the pastry shops were open. He had some of the best pastries he's ever tasted while cycling the EuroVelo 6 in France. The roads were also amazing: there were friendly drivers (even in a city as big as Paris), nice road surfaces, and clearly signed routes! 

Where have you stayed en route? 

Alan did some camping and some Couchsurfing while in France. The folks that he met were for the most part very friendly even though he doesn't speak much French! 

How has your project been generally received so far since you left home? 

The project has been well received in general. People seem interested and seem to like following along with the daily adventure side on our Facebook page as well. In France, not too many people know about the project, but people are certainly supportive once they find out what we're doing. 

Where to next and when do you think you'll be home?

From France we head to the UK. After some cycling and interviewing there, we're hoping to head to South-East Asia and Africa, but our plans are always in flux. It's hard to plan too far ahead while travelling by bicycle! Right now our timeline looks like we might be home next year. 

You can follow Morrigan and Alan via their website Geography of Youth and on Facebook.  

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