Reader Q&A: Bike route for cycling from Strasbourg to Marseille

Published by Lyn on 27 April 2015

David emailed to ask for a bike route from Strasbourg to Marseille that avoided mountains. Here's what we came up with.

Velo Strasbourg

Bike-friendly Strasbourg. Photo: Victor Quiroz

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My wife and I are planning a cycle trip from Strasbourg to Marseille in July. We are looking for route finding recommendations. Your site is fantastic for accommodation, but I'm having difficulty finding good route information for cycling. Do you have any specific mapping / routing recommendations you could provide? 

Thank you for the excellent work at freewheelingfrance!


I wrote back:

Hi David

I'm glad you're finding my site useful.

Do you like hills or would you be looking to avoid the Alps?


David wrote back:

On this trip we want to avoid the Alps. We toured in Switzerland three years ago to fill our (k)need for climbing.

I wrote back:

Hi David

You could follow something like this family route from Strasbourg to Lyon (maps are on each 'Le parcours' link).

For Strasbourg-specific info, see this article by Grégory from the excellent I Bike Strasbourg blog.

From Lyon you could follow the ViaRhona to Avignon. This is an official signposted veloroute but it's still being completed – you can see which stages are ready on the official site and which sections you'll need to follow an alternative for (suggested in red on the site's maps). I always recommend taking local IGN/Michelin maps anyway.

From Avignon, you could do something like this.

There is a bit of climbing in this route, but it would miss the Alps and the steeper ascents.

I'm embedding the accommodation map for Alsace, the Rhone-Alpes and Provence here for people reading on the blog.

It would be good to hear what you decide and how you get on.

Give me a shout if I can help further.


PS I usually post reader questions on the blog as reader Q&As in case they can help others (and to save me answering the same questions twice). I hope this is OK. I never include full names or any contact info.

David wrote back:

This is wonderful! Thank you so much.

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