Reader Q&A: Tour de France 2015 - Stage 8 Rennes to Mûr-de-Bretagne

Published by Lyn on 21 February 2015

Heather emailed from Australia to ask about stage 8 of the 2015 Tour de France from Rennes to Mûr-de-Bretagne in Brittany.

2006 Tour de France

Locals wait for the riders during Stage 7 of the 2006 Tour de France, which was a 52km individual time trial from Saint Grégoire to Rennes. Photo: Adam Bowie

Hi Lyn,

We are going to be on holiday from Australia when the Tour de France is on. We were thinking of trying to be in Rennes for the start of that stage. I am having trouble finding information on the starting time for this stage and also the location in Rennes that the race will leave from.

Any help is appreciated.


I wrote back:

Hi Heather

The exact start times etc won't be posted on the official Tour de France site until closer to the time. However they are available here on a local website, Le Télégramme, which also has this basic route overview.

Tour de France brittany
Stage 8 passes through the following towns at the following times (remember the caravan will go through a good hour or more earlier):
Depart Rennes 13.05
Montgermont 13.05
La Brosse (Saint-Grégoire) 13.07
Montgerval (La Mézière) 13.10
Gévézé 13.16
La Chapelle-Chaussée 13.28
La Guimondais 13.33
Bécherel 13.39
Saint-Pern 13.44
Médréac 13.52
Quédillac 14.01
Le Pont de l'Osier 14.02
Saint-Méen-le-Grand 14.13
Plumaugat 14.28
Broons 14.37
Sévignac 14.47
Plénée-Jugon 14.56
Trédaniel 15.25
Moncontour 15.27
Gare de Moncontour 15.43
Plouguenast 15.43
Saint-Théo 15.47
La Motte 15.52
Loudéac 15.59
Saint-Maudan 16.13
la Croix de la ville Gestin 16.15
Saint Roch 16.16
Saint-Samson 16.17
Rohan 16.20
Saint-Gouvry 16.23
Saint-Gérand 16.37
Le Couédic 16.39
Neulliac 16.48

Mûr-de-Bretagne 16.59
arrivée 17.09.

Another local site has this local French report with the following Rennes map.

Rennes Tour de France

Map via

It's saying the departure is 12.45, though this looks like a 'false' or processional start with the main or 'real' depart just outside the city centre. The caravan, however, will depart a good hour or so earlier.

Rennes will be busy so make sure you have your accommodation booked early, and aim to arrive roadside early as it can be crowded along the start route. 

If you haven't already got somewhere to stay, then checkout my Tour de France accommodation page (I've also embedded the Brittany map below).

The other articles in my Tour de France section may also be of interest, especially the spectator's guide.

I hope that helps.

If it's OK with you I'll post this on the blog as a reader Q&A (like this) in case it helps other people too.

Any more questions, please just shout.



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