Product review: Muc-Off Luxury Shaving Cream

Published by Andrew on 15 May 2017

Bike cleaner and lubricant manufacturer Muc-Off has branched out to try and help keep the boys feeling nice after a ride. Andrew reviews their shaving cream.

Muc-Off Luxury Shaving Cream packaging

Luxury Shaving Cream

It seems a natural progression for a forward-thinking lubricant company to move from lubes and cleaners to shaving cream, bearing in mind the need to lubricate a blade as it glides across your skin. Nevertheless, I  was relieved as I unscrewed the lid on this that the cream didn’t smell of old fashioned chain oil!

The shaving cream itself comes in a solid, round black screw-top container and contains 250ml, so will need to be checked-in for aircraft journeys, but the packaging is very robust so can easily be put in a bike bag.

Muc-Off shaving cream

I first used the cream on a two-week growth beard and was initially concerned that I would not be able to get the level of lather I was used to. However, the cream worked really well, and the feeling of my skin after the shave was really nice for the rest of the day, very smooth, moisturised and fresh. I think it can be clearly differentiated from other creams I have used.

I would recommend a second layer as you progress with your shave (as recommended by the instructions) to get a really close shave.

I've subsequently used the cream every few days and I'm very happy with it. I've not suffered from rash and I've barely dented the amount in the pot, so you’ll probably get a good few months of shaving here, if not more.

Luxury Shaving Cream

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