Betting on the Tour de France

It's the most biggest cycling event in the world – it's also an increasingly popular event for punters.

White jerseyPolka dot jerseyYellow JerseyGreen jersey

You can bet on any or all of them. Images: Wikicommons

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It’s the biggest and most prestigious cycling race in the world  – and also one of the most unpredictable, which is why betting on the Tour de France can be fun for those so inclined and with a few spare euro in their pockets.

With the race going for three weeks and its dynamics constantly changing – along with the odds – it’s a potential mine field (or playground, depending on the depth of your pockets); a game of Russian roulette that has more in common with online casino gaming than your average Grand National sweepstakes. 

But is does offer varied opportunities, with more than the yellow jersey at stake. Stage winners, the green points jersey, the King of the Mountains and the White young rider’s jersey can all be bet on. You can also wage a bet on who'll finish second and third on the podium, top 10 finishes and the team classification.

And, just as you can bet on who scores the first goal in a football match or the most goals in the World Cup, it’s possible to back who’ll wear yellow or green for the most stages. You can also pit riders against each other in individual stages or for the overall Tour in 'match-ups'.

With a proliferation of betting firms getting in on the action, and with cycling's booming popularity worldwide, Tour de France (and other big bike races) is becoming increasingly popular among armchair followers.

The website is a good place to start for information on betting on the Tour de France.

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